Fresh Grown-up Grape Slush Puppie
On the rocks or blended, this grape cocktail will satisfy your sweet tooth.
  1. Put grapes and sugar in mixing glass.
  2. Muddle (smash) sugar and grapes.
  3. Add Ice and vodka.
  4. Cap glass with shaker and shake what your mama gave you.
  5. Pour your concoction evenly between 2 glasses.
  6. Fill both glasses to the rim with ice.
  7. Pour lemon club soda almost to the top.
  8. Float 1 tbsp of Chambord on top of each drink.
  9. You can stop there and have a fabulous drink.
  10. Or you can throw everything into the blender and make it into a slushy.
  11. Poke 3 grapes into each toothpick and garnish on top.
Recipe Notes

* Chambord is a black raspberry liqueur. If you can’t find it or have grape juice handy, you can use that too.