Who is Ping and why is this delicious?


I’m a friend, a wife, a mother, a sister, a cook, a mixologist, an artist and a woman who loves to have fun.  I grew up in the restaurant business as my father is a french/vietnamese chef and my mother is an incredible Chinese home cook.  I also have been in the bar industry mixing drinks for celebrities and hipsters at many top Hollywood nightclubs for 15 years.  As an actress and mother, I also care about a healthy lifestyle and the benefits of nourishing our body with whole foods.  I believe all of us play many roles in life and we don’t need to give up one for another.  I have a passion for making nutrient dense food for my family and at the same time, I love to mix up a mean martini for my friends after the kids are in bed.   We eat organic whole foods at home but when we are at a birthday party or eat out, they can have whatever they want.  It’s fun to be nice and naughty in life and it’s all about balance.  This blog is about how I make my life delicious in every way and I want to help people find their fun, adventurous and delicious side too.

Ping Pizzo


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